Elev8 Eat Well, Move Well w/ Intention

Nutrition Program for Women 40+

An online program where you will get lean and strong without restrictive eating and create your lifestyle roadmap for handling body changes through perimenopause and beyond

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Don't know where to start with your nutrition in your 40's &50's? No problem.

I want to help women take back control over your body. Let's reclaim your energy and understand how to eat for your busy lifestyle, exercise and peri-menopause. Its time to stop the restrictive, fad or yo yo dieting strategies that leave you feeling tired and exhausted mentally and physically. We cover 4 Key Pillars of EAT, EXERCISE, RESTORE and MINDSET that focuses on the changing body of a women 40+.

Confused about where to start?

The ELEV8 method follows a proven framework where you Evaluate, Learn, Experiment and eVolve until you know the best food choices and habits that will help you navigate your eating and exercise in a sustainable way for health and feeling better.

You need to get your mind, body and kitchen in order?

Learning by doing is Catriona's motto. Weekly tasks, Mini challenges, recipes, learning modules and observing and applying will help you align your activity, food and hormone fluctuations through perimenopause.

Kick weight gain to the curb?

Learn and apply the best strategy to exercise and eat for your changing body with an emphasis on your changing body composition and getting off the merry go round of eating less and exercise more and more.

Meet Catriona

Catriona is Registered Sports and Exercise Nutritionist and founder of Elev8nutrition.

I am dedicated to the health and nutrition of each and every person who works with me. I want to teach you how to prepare the female body for the changes during menopause and how to adapt your eating and training.

When not using my talents of coaching and finding the root of your nutrition challenges, I am attending classes and conferences to implement the most innovative practices and technologies to address my clients needs.  

As an active woman aged 50 with 4 kids and a supportive husband, I understand the challenges of a hectic homelife, managing family, food and a passion for challenging oneself in your exercise. I know it's not easy, but with the right knowledge, habits and mindset, we can thrive.


"A really fab course and blown away with the depth of knowledge you have imparted on us in such a professional way. "

- Siobhan

"I look forward to continuing with training to best of my ability in the months and years ahead with the excellent knowledge I’ve acquired on how to fuel these goals to the maximum ."

- Ann

"You mentioned not to think about the weightloss but I lost 5 lbs and didn't even think about it. I have learned and applied so much around food and supplements for health and performance, recovery and sleep"

- Caroline